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Té [Post-Rock, Experimental, jpn]

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2007 — それは、鳴り響く世界から現実的な音を...
it is a thought to try to "sing" the realistic sound from the deeply resonated world.


01. 如何に強大な精神や力といえども知性なくしては『無』に等しい。
02. 美しき旋律も、音を語る言を持たずしては心にも『留』めがたし。
03. 愛も信仰も同じ様に日々のささやかな勤行でのみ『維持』される。
04. 明日を最も必要としないものが、最も快く明日に立ち『向』かう。
05. 大胆は無知と卑劣の子であって、他の資格よりはるかに『劣』る。
06. 言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず、ただの記憶に『過』ぎぬ。
07. 節度と正義は、ただ優者のみが勝手に利用しうる『名目』である。
08. 心は正しい目標を欠いてしまうと偽りの方向にはけ口を『作』る。
09. 何らの苦しみにもあわずして、何人をも幸福とは『呼』ぶなかれ。
10. 人間とは理性によって自己自身を破壊する能力を『有』している。

01. Even Mightiest Soul And Mightiest Power, It Is Same As Nothing If There Is No Intellect (02:46)
02. If There Is No Word Which Tells Sound, Beautiful Melody Does Not Keep In Mind (05:20)
03. Also Love And Faith Keep Up With A Daily Small Deed (05:03)
04. Those Who Do Not Need Tomorrow Most See Tomorrow Most Pleasantly (03:05)
05. Daredevil Is Child Of Ignorance & Mean And It Is Inferior To Other Qualification (05:54)
06. Those Who Play Using Word Are Not In The Talent, It Is Only There's Memory (03:32)
07. Moderation And Justice Are The Nominal Which Only A Superior Can Use Freely (06:01)
08. When One's Mental Lost Right Goal That Shown Wrong Direction To The Frustrations (05:34)
09. You Can Not Call Anyone Happy, If You Do Not Had Been Any Trouble (05:15)
10. Human Have Ability Of Destroy Oneself By Logical Mind (05:16)

https://ulozto.net/file/lltmF2Ge0tc4/03 … si-kao-rar
https://mega.co.nz/#!4dwSiQAS!GOnO1SzZ1 … dlc59om9nA

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оп-па. посмотрим)



2006 "If That Is What Is Being Thought Liberated Sound Talks The Depth Of Musical World"


01. It Must Be Called "Intelligence" If People Stop When They Realize They Are Not Able To Become What They Are Wishing To Be (02:58)
02. A Thought Would Never Let People "Watch" What They Choose. Instead, It Let Them See What They Hope To See (05:04)
03. Anxiety Is Not About The Issue. It Is Actually About People's "Mind" Related To The Issue That They Are Afraid Of (03:51)
04. Avarice Would Speak With Every Word, It "Acts" Every Part And It Even Pretends To Be Not Avaricious (05:02)
05. A Real "Imitation" Is The Imitation That Let People See Ridiculousness Of Boring Original One (06:11)
06. It Is Supposed To Be "Ordinary" That Imagination Moves Much Faster And More Freely Than Bright Light In The Darkness (06:00)
07. "Existence" Of Eloquence Is Only In A Look Of People's Face That Remain Silence, And It Even Beats Any Kind Of Words (04:50)
08. Anger Kills All The Idiots, And Envy Would Torture Foolish People And All the "Instants" Being Involved (03:15)
09. We Promise With A View To Hope, But The Reason To "Accomplish" What We Promised Would Be Fear (05:54)
10. A Reality That People Are Living In This World Is A Lot "More" Complicated Than Fantasy-Land That They Imagine (02:07)
11. Courtesy Is Considered As A "Farce" If There Are No Honesty And Reality (03:01)
12. Break The "Heart" To What Is Actually Being Told Instead Of Asking Who Said That (03:29)

Самое интересное, это то, что, походу, групп "Te" всего две. Одна японская, а другая - болгарская. И обе группы, кстати, в одном жанре играют :)




2007 - If There Is No Word Which Tells Sound, Beautiful Melody Does Not Keep In Mind (Single)


1 美しき旋律も,音を語る言を持たずしては心にも「留」めがたし。
2 大胆は無知と卑劣の子であって,他の資格よりはるかに「劣」る。
3 声をもって,心の底を叩いてみると,どこか「哀」しい音がする。
4 嫌いなものは殺してしまえばいい,それが「人間」のすることか?憎ければ殺せばいい,それが「人間」というものではないのかね?

01. If There Is No Word Which Tells Sound, Beautiful Melody Does Not Keep In Mind (05:19)
02. Daredevil Is Child Of Ignorance & Mean And It Is Inferior To Other Qualification (05:56)
03. There Is Something Sad Sound When You Knock The Deep Part Of The Soul By Voice (05:39)
04. Just To Kill a Disagreeable Thing. Is It Human's Thing To Do? Just To Kill A Hateful Thing. Doesn't It Call It Human? (04:24)


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2006 言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず、ただの記憶に『過』ぎぬ
Those who play using word are not in the talent, it is only there's memory


Country: Japan
Released: 06 Jun 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Noise, Post Rock

1. 言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず、ただの記憶に『過』ぎぬ (3:26)
2. 愛も信仰も同じ様に日々のささやかな勤行でのみ『維持』される (6:14)
3. 人間は自分自身が見えない故に、他人に理想の『姿』を認め易い (4:59)
4. 死闘、勇鋭、死憤、励鈍、倖用、待命、陥陳、勇力、必死、冒刃 (1:52)

01. Those Who Play Using Word Are Not In The Talent, It Is Only There's Memory (03:27)
02. Also Love And Faith Keep Up With A Daily Small Deed (05:00)
03. Men Cannot See Oneself, That's Why Seeing Others As An Ideal (06:15)
04. Shitou, Yuei, Shifun, Kandon, Kouyou, Taimei, Kanthin, Yuryoku, Hisshi, Bouzin (01:53)

https://mega.co.nz/#!VEgUBD5D!SOlU2sKWe … POJfvPbPao



ура, наконец то появился !

2008 - まして、心と五感が一致するなら全て最上の『音楽』に変ずる。
2008 - Increasing If Heart and Senses Agree All Best Change It Is Sly In Music


01 - 人間は自由なものとして生まれ、至る所で『鎖』に繋がれてゆく。
02 - 他に寄せる信頼の大部分は、己の内に抱く自信から『生』まれる。
03 - 夢とは現実という平凡なものに付ける美しさに似た『嘘』の俗称。
04 - いつも好転する未来を望み、しかし時節の変化は『恐』れている。
05 - 弱いというものは哀れな事だ、敢えて行うにしろ『忍』ぶにしろ。
06 - 具眼の士に検閲されることは、最も正しい『価値』の決定である。
07 - 詩はただ、病める魂の所有者と孤独者との寂しい『慰』めである。
08 - 人は他人の不幸には充分耐えられるだけの強さを『持』っている。
09 - 理は公平な判断を望み、怒りは判断が公平に見える事を『望』む。
10 - 意味の在る巡り会いを求めず、出会いに『意味』を見つけて行く。
11 - 歌を謡って眠らせてやりたい。誰かの傍に坐り『謡』っていたい。
12 - 無論做什麼都好」,用輕聲細語説出名為『自由』という『脅迫』

1. Human Beings Are Born In Freedom, And Get "Chained" At Every Turn.
2. The Greatest Trust For Others Will Be "Born" From Self-Reliance Within.
3. Dream Is A Colloquial Term Describing A "Lie", As If To Embellish An Ugly And Humdrum Life.
4. We All "Fear" The Days Flying By, Although We All Want To Escape From The Status Quo.
5. The Weak Are Pathetic, Even Trying To Stand, Or Trying To Be "Patient".
6. "Value" Is Determined Best And Equally Through The Inspection By The Wise.
7. Poem Is Just A Lonely "Solace" Shared By A Master Of The Sick-Minded And The Solitary.
8. All Human Beings "Have" The Strength To Live With Other People's Misery.
9. Rational-Self Hope Is A Fair Judgement, But Angry-Self "Demands" Are To Be Looked At Fairly.
10. We All Create "Meaning" In Our Encounter, As To Not To Expect A Meaningful Encounter.
11. We Want To Sing You Off To Sleep With A Song, We Want To Sit Next To You And "Sing" A Song.
12. You Can Do Whatever You Want To Do. Whispered "Freedom" Is Just A "Threat".

https://mega.co.nz/#!pAIQ1JQA!y4FwclEpi … Op85B54Muo



The music of te' is so aggressive and emotional with its heavy sound and tremendous roar. That is one of the reasons why their music was sometimes compared to hardcore music. Not only the heaviness, but they play so delicately a beautiful melody methodically and tightly. To express these two completely different senses at the same time, the music of te' doesn't need vocals at all. One big reason why te' is now getting offers to play in another countries like U.S.A, Asia, is because of their high quality of their stage. Everyone who watches their stage, they won't believe how they play those music with their aggressive stage performances. There is a completely new scene ahead for the audiences who have experienced the music of te'.

2007 - Te' Live DVD

01. 己が分を知りて及ばざる時は速やかに止むるを『智』と言うべし。
02. 思想とは我々の選ぶものを見せず、我々の好むものを『見』せる。




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