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BloodSimple [Nu/Alternative Metal, usa]

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Офигенная группа!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Formed in 2002 by Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy (both of which were members of the legendary New York hard core band Vision Of Disorder), the band—which also features guitarist Nick Rowe and bassist Kyle Sanders—were initially discovered by Mudvayne vocalist in 2004 and instantly hit the road (and held their own) with peers such as Otep, American Head Charge and Candiria. Since then, the band have toured with everyone from Stone Sour to Alice in Chains to Slayer, introducing their unique brand of groove-driven metal to anyone open-minded enough to listen and gaining fans all over the world.

“Whenever anyone has asked us to describe ourselves we’ve never been able to quit nail it on the head,” Sanders responds when asked how bloodsimple are able to successfully tour so many seemingly disparate acts. “We don’t want to box ourselves into a corner where we can only do underground tours or hardcore tours—and I think we’ve been pretty successful with that,” he continues. “I think that we can hold our own with any band in the rock genre and that’s something that all of us are extremely proud of.”

альбом   A Cruel World (2006)


01. Straight Hate
02. Path To Prevail
03. What If I Lost It
04. Blood In Blood Out
05. Sell Me Out
06. The Leaving Song
07. Running From Nothing
08. Cruel World
09. Flatlined
10. Falling Backwards (ft. Chad Grey)
11. Plunder

https://musify.club/release/bloodsimple … -2005-6239

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может у кого есть  их альбом 2008 года Red Harvet



Bloodsimple - Red harvest (2007)


01. Ride With Me ( 4:57)
02. Red Harvest ( 3:47)
03. Dark Helmet ( 3:49)
04. Dead Man Walking ( 3:57)
05. Out To Get You ( 3:45)
06. Suck It Up ( 3:30)
07. Death From Above ( 4:02)
08. Whickey Bent And Hellbound ( 6:05)
09. Killing Time ( 3:43)
10. Truth ( 5:24)
11. Numina Infuscata ( 2:41)

https://musify.club/release/bloodsimple … -2007-6222





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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Alternative/ Grunge/ Nu Metal/ Rapcore » BloodSimple [Nu/Alternative Metal, usa]

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