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I Hear Sirens [Post-Rock, usa]

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I Hear Sirens is an instrumental rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band was formed in the Fall of 2005 by Daved Harris(guitar) and David Qualls(drums). Originally a 3 piece, I Hear Sirens soon completed their line-up in early 2006 with the addition of Liz Gordon(keyboards). They released their self-titled debut EP in the Summer of 2007. In the Fall of 2007 Matt Brown(bass) joined the band to replace their old bass player who left the band for personal reasons. I Hear Sirens is now in the process of writing a new full length album.


I Hear Sirens - I Hear Sirens (2007)


01. This Is the Last Time I'll Say Goodbye
02. Like a Leaf From a Tree in It's Dying Season
03. September Isn't Too Far and I'm Not Sure I'll Return
04. Everything Was Black and White Except the City Lights
05. Ashes Fall Like Snowflakes, Burning the Sea

https://w1.musify.club/release/i-hear-s … 007-241007



хорошая банда, даже после 5кратного прослушивания нового ИПи Red Sparowes они оставляют приятное впечатление
такой инструментал. рок мне нравится



2008 - Jacket Weather/The Highwire Act/I Hear Sirens [Split EP]


1. Jacket Weather - Everything Is New
2. Jacket Weather - Nova
3. Jacket Weather - Moonlight Magnolia
4. The Highwire Act - Armageddon It On
5. The Highwire Act - Cleansing
6. The Highwire Act - A New Perspective
7. I Hear Sirens - Intermission
8. I Hear Sirens - The March
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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » I Hear Sirens [Post-Rock, usa]

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