Ovum - Microcosmos (2008)

01 - Brilliant Lies 11:37
02 - Lost in Addiction 7:58
03 - Zero 6:46
04 - No Where Now Here 10:27
05 - Reflection 5:12
06 - Snowflake Butterfly 6:21
07 - Astral 11:36

Стиль: Post-Rock
Страна: Japan

Информация о группе (English):
OVUM is a four-piece instrumental band based in Tokyo, Japan.
We have given concerts in Tokyo since formed in 2006. Making songs, we remove improvisation and noise as much as possible and make much of ensemble, melodies, harmony and structure by composition. Our music may be based on the form of so called “post rock”. However, what we believe the most important is not in musical form but in the pursuit of universal beauty such as the sweetest of melodies and harmony, which may sound classical. If you feel that our sound is beautiful, we are very happy.

"nostalgia, melancholia, psychedelia"

P.S. Легкая, воздушная, прозрачная музыка...