The Space Cossacks (USA)
Surf Rock

The Space Cossacks, considered to be one of the best instrumental bands on the planet, started playing in 1996 when an ad in a Washington DC weekly brought them together. Croatian lead guitarist, Ivan Pongracic, has been playing guitar since the age of 8 and learned many licks from his father, who played in a Shadows tribute band in the early 60's on the Croatian coast. Pongracic's main influences are Australia's The Atlantics, Dick Dale & the Deltones, and, of course, England's The Shadows. Combining the European melodic sense of The Shadows, the aggressive energy of The Atlantics and the reverb-heavy tone and fast double-picking style of Dick Dale, The Space Cossacks sound is a wild and powerful blend of moods. The band's songs are intense, aggressive, moody, intricate yet accessible, beautiful and "other-worldly". A sound that's not easy to describe and the songwriting team of Pongracic, along with Catherine Gray (bass) and Mark English (rhythm guitar), is what makes The Space Cossacks "Russian-Space" surf music so distinct. The band have released two full length LP/CD's - "Interstellar Stomp" and "Tsar Wars" - and also appear on numerous EP's, singles and compilations. Through these releases and their mighty live shows, The Space Cossacks continue with their "Interplanetary" mission.

Studio Albums:

Interstellar Stomp (1998)

Tsar Wars (2000) … 000-888329

Они великолепны.