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babyshambles [indie/garage rock, post-punk, gbr]

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Babyshambles are a British band formed by Pete Doherty as a side-project to (and later full time after departing) The Libertines.

Studio Albums:
Down in Albion (November 14, 2005) UK #10
Shotter's Nation (October 1, 2007) UK #5; FR #17; IR #19


Babyshambles are:
Peter Doherty, Drew McConnell, Mick Whitnall, Adam Ficek


Рецензия Rolling Stone на второй (и мой любимый) альбом Бэйбишэмблс "Shotter's Nation":

It's hard to imagine how Babyshambles' Pete Doherty could write a song as great as "Deft Left Hand" and then hide it at the end of his new album. But then, many things about Pete Doherty are hard to imagine. On Shotter's Nation, the Brit-punk rogue sounds light-hearted, strumming through an assortment of Clash-and-Kinks-style hooks. "You went from cheery vagabondage to cold-blooded luxury in four years," Doherty warbles in "Deft Left Hand." Is he singing to Kate Moss? To his own drug habit? Or to his former musical soul mates, The Libertines? Either way, he's got more solid songs here than he did on the first Babyshambles album, Down in Albion (though not nearly as many as his former partner in The Libertines, Carl Barat, had on his superb Dirty Pretty Things album, Waterloo to Anywhere). "Delivery" is a giddy fantasy about dropping out of school to "make pretend it's 1969 forever," while "Carry On up the Morning," "Side of the Road" and "Baddie's Boogie" are equally ace. And to balance things out, Sixties folk legend Bert Jansch guests on "The Lost Art of Murder," adding a touch of acoustic regret.


(Posted: Nov 1, 2007)

Shotter's Nation (2007)


Track listing
1. "Carry On Up the Morning" (Peter Doherty, Michael Whitnall) – 2:58
2. "Delivery" (Doherty, Whitnall) – 2:42
3. "You Talk" (Doherty, Kate Moss) – 3:30
4. "UnBiloTitled" (Doherty, Peter Wolfe, Adam Ficek) – 3:52
5. "Side of the Road" (Doherty) – 2:09
6. "Crumb Begging Baghead" (Doherty, Whitnall) – 3:44
7. "Unstookie Titled" (Doherty, Whitnall, Ficek) – 4:30
8. "French Dog Blues" (Doherty, Ian Brown, Moss) – 3:32
9. "There She Goes" (Doherty) – 3:36
10. "Baddie's Boogie" (Doherty, Whitnall, Moss) – 3:55
11. "Deft Left Hand" (Doherty, Whitnall, Moss) – 4:04
12."Lost Art of Murder" (Doherty) – 4:38

https://ulozto.net/file/Ho6jQkD/babysha … nation-rar

Pete Doherty

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Down In Albion (2006)


01 - La Belle Et Las Bete
02 - Fuck Forever
03 - A'rebours
04 - The 32 Of December
05 - Pipedown
06 - Sticks & Stones
07 - Killamangiro
08 - 8 Dead Boys
09 - In Love With A Feeling
10 - Pentonville
11 - What Katy Did Next
12 - Albion
13 - Back From The Dead
14 - Loyalty Song
15 - Up The Morning
16 - Merry Go Round

http://www.uloz.to/xeB6Wyw/babyshambles … on-2005-7z


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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » babyshambles [indie/garage rock, post-punk, gbr]

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