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Bromheads Jacket has a similar style both musically and lyrically to local contemporaries such as Arctic Monkeys
and Milburn and once credited their style of lyrics to be influenced by Jon McClure, or Reverend and the Makers.
However, Bromheads' music is a lot heavier and harder than most others connected with this local outburst from Sheffield.
Still, the lyrical style of telling a good story keeps them close to this Sheffield community, albeit with the difference of having a Southern accent.
In 2006 the band recorded a cover of The Streets' single 'When You Wasn't Famous', which was released on the b-side of the song's 7"
(with Skinner reportedly being a big fan of Bromheads, in particular of Hampton's lyrical style and ability). The single reached number 8 in the UK charts.
The band have so far released four singles: 'Woolley Bridge', 'What Ifs + Maybes', 'Trip to the Golden Arches' and 'Lesley Parlafitt'.
All were released on the Marquis Chacha record label. They have undertaken several tours of the UK as well as played
across Europe in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. They were chosen as support for The Strokes in Nottingham.
In 2005 they undertook a nationwide tour with Club NME, and played South By Southwest in Texas.
Their first album, Dits from the Commuter Belt, was released on November 13th 2006 and was followed by a marathon
of over 30 gigs around the UK supported by the Middlesbrough fivesome The Oxfam Glamour Models.
Lead singer Tim Hampton's moustache has recently attracted lots of attention from fans, with a myspace page even being set up in its honour.
Tim Hampton, the band's vocalist and guitarist, grew up in Yateley, Hampshire and attended Yateley School.
The video of 'Lesley Parlafitt' was filmed in a Yateley pub and track 13 on Dits from the Commuter Belt is called 'Hazy In Yateley'.

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