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Sarah Slean [Indie, Pop Rock, can]

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Currently a student at the University of Toronto studying music and philosophy, Slean is also an accomplished painter and photographer. She recorded her first album Universe at the age of nineteen and has since completed three other albums, Blue Parade (1998), Night Bugs (2002), and Day One (2004). Night Bugs was her first major label album, co-produced by Slean and Hawksley Workman, and released by WEA in Canada and Atlantic Records in the United States. It was heavily inspired by cabaret music.


On September 28, 2004, Slean released her fourth album, Day One. Here Slean's piano takes a less important spot for the first time in her career. The focus is more on beats, rhythms and guitar, which shines through in the album's first single, the cheeky "Lucky Me". The up-tempo title track "Day One", and "Mary", a song about Slean's grandmother, were released as the second and third singles.

In October 2006, Slean released a mostly-live album, Orphan Music, which consists of songs recorded live at Toronto's Harbourfront Theatre and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Other new tracks featuring Slean and the piano were recorded at DNA Recording Facility in Toronto and Kensaltown Studios in the UK.

Also in 2006, she contributed two tracks ("Us and Them" and "Comfortably Numb") to Pink Floyd Redux, a modern 12-track tribute to Pink Floyd.

Slean is probably best known for a track on Night Bugs, a piano-heavy pop tune called "Sweet Ones". She was also featured on the Fox TV network as the pianist in Sunrise, the fictional town where bodies started piling up in Murder in Small Town X, a short-lived reality TV series.

On December 13, 2007 Slean's website underwent a massive overhaul in preparation for her newest studio album, tentatively entitled The Baroness. Visitors to the new site were invited to sign up for Slean's new mailing list, and in doing so would be able to download a demo version of Sarah's newest single, "Get Home". The Baroness is scheduled for a March 2008 release.

Sarah Slean - Night Bugs (2002)


Country: Canada

1. "Eliot" - 4:22
2. "Weight" - 3:16
3. "Duncan" - 4:08
4. "St. Francis" - 4:12
5. "Drastic Measures" - 5:42
6. "Book Smart, Street Stupid" - 4:49
7. "Dark Room" - 2:27
8. "Sweet Ones" - 3:13
9. "Me, I'm A Thief" - 6:09
10. "My Invitation" - 3:34
11. "Bank Accounts" - 3:04

https://musify.club/release/sarah-slean … 002-910071

PS еслии найдутся желающие дискографию могу продолжить.



Настоящее инди из всего что назвао инди в разделе!

Sarah Slean - Day One (2004)


1. "Pilgrim"
2. "Lucky Me"
3. "Mary"
4. "California"
5. "Day One"
6. "Out in the Park"
7. "Vertigo"
8. "When Another Midnight"
9. "The Score"
10. "Your Wish is My Wish"
11. "Wake Up"

https://musify.club/release/sarah-slean … 004-910073



Ссылки обновлены!

Последний альбом хотите?



да. нечего спрашивать-то было)



да-да-да :)



Sarah Slean - The Baroness (2008)


1. Hopeful Hearts 3:32
2. Get Home 3:42
3. Euphoria 3:13
4. Goodnight Trouble 4:38
5. Notes From The Underground 4:03
6. Sound Of Water - Change Your Mind 4:14
7. No Place At All 3:58
8. Please Be Good To Me 4:04
9. Willow 3:31
10. So Many Miles 3:35
11. Shadowland 4:07
12. Looking For Someone 3:50

http://www.uloz.to/!11s5woi1/sarah-slea … roness-rar


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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » Sarah Slean [Indie, Pop Rock, can]

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