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Days In December [Emo, gbr]

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Days In December - Countless Hours Making Waves [EP] (2004)


1.Bright Lights (3:55)
2.One Year Late (4:16)
3.Interlude (1:13)
4.Glass Vice (3:44)
5.Last Chance Before the Storm (4:14)
6. Comfort In Surrounding Space (Bonus Track) *
7. Ask A Stupid Question (Bonus Track) *

* Japanese Bonus Tracks

http://myzuka.club/Album/18366/Days-In- … Waves-2004

Daniel Leigh - Vocals
Phil "The Project" Kinman - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Robb Wybrow - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Rob Turnbridge - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Gary Tough - Drums

Days In December - Comfort in Surrounding Space (2003)
Days In December - Countless Hours Making Waves (2004)
Days In December - Deleted Scenes (2006)

Стиль: Emo
Страна: England

Информация о группе (English):
Days in December was a mid west emo band that existed in the mid 1990s. They released a split 7" on Polyvinyl Records. The split was with Sweater Weather and is still available. Also, a radio session is floating on the internetzz.
Another artist named Days in December was
formed in December 2003, hence the name, in London, England. Days In December are the product of a varied pool of influences, specialising in soaring vocal lines and heavy but melodic guitar work. Their tuneful nature and touches of the dark side have attracted fans from many different rock persuasions.



Days In December - Deleted Scenes [2006]

1. (00:03:00) Days In December - Best Endeavour
2. (00:03:45) Days In December - Five Kings
3. (00:03:10) Days In December - Silence
4. (00:03:21) Days In December - Sweet Mary Hell
5. (00:03:29) Days In December - The Final Stand

http://myzuka.club/Album/18370/Days-In- … cenes-2006



SensesFail как всегда :thank_you:



Мое мнение, Days In December - Countless Hours Making Waves [EP] (2004) - самая лучшая их работа. Потому как от этого альбома у меня остались только позитивные ощущения, и конечно же запомнилась их манера игры и голос вокалиста.


Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Emo/ Emocore/ Screamo » Days In December [Emo, gbr]

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