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Vangelis [ambient, instrumental, downtempo, grc]

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Исполнитель: Vangelis
Альбом: Voices
Год выпуска: 1995

Время звучания: 54:43

01-Voices (7:00)
02-Echoes (8:20)
03-Come To Me (4:40)
04-P.S. (2:05)
05-Ask The Mountains (7:55)
06-Prelude (4:24)
07-Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart) (6:41)
08-Messages (7:30)
09-Dream In An Open Place (5:50)

http://mega.co.nz/#!Iw4VUSyR!DgxjAm9Kfq … Ra95DNJpvY



Vangelis - Blade Runner


01 - Main Titles
02 - Blush Response
03 - Wait For Me
04 - Rachel's Song
05 - Love Theme
06 - One More Kiss, Dear
07 - Blade Runner Blues
08 - Memories Of Green
09 - Tales Of The Future
10 - Damask Rose
11 - Blade Runner (End Titles)
12 - Tears In Rain

http://ulozto.net/!zj2LrsQieQzh/vangeli … s-1994-rar


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Блин, только делить на треки приходится ))


Vangelis discography

Свернутый текст

Solo albums:

1970: Sex power
1972: Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit
1973: l'Apocalypse des animaux
1973: Earth
1975: Heaven and Hell
1976: Albedo 0.39
1976: La fête sauvage
1977: Spiral
1977: Ignacio (Entends tu les chiens aboyer. Can you hear the dogs bark)
1978: Beaubourg
1979: China
1979: Opera sauvage
1980: See you later
1981: Chariots of fire
1983: Antarctica
1984: Soil festivities
1985: Invisible connections
1985: Mask
1988: Direct
1989: Themes
1990: The city
1992: 1492 Conquest of paradise
1994: Blade runner
1995: Voices
1995: Foros timis ston Greko (A tribute to El Greco)
1996: Portraits (So long ago so clear)
1996: Oceanic
1998: El Greco
1999: Reprise 1990 - 1999
2001: Mythodea : Music for the NASA mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey
2001: DVD Mythodea : Music for the NASA mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey
2003: Odyssey : The definitive collection
2004: Alexander (soundtrack)
2004: Alexander (soundtrack) (limited edition)
2007: Blade runner trilogy (3 CD-box soundtrack: 25 Anniversary)
2007: El Greco (soundtrack)
The best of / Compilations (without new songs):

1978: Best of Vangelis
1982: To the unknown man (vol 1 & 2)
1984: Magic moments
1991: Greatest hits (2 cd's)
1991: Greatest hits (1 cd)
1992: The best of Vangelis (2 cd's)
1993: Vangelis greatest hits
1994: Best selection
1995: Best in space
1995: Space themes
1995: The collection
1996: Gift
1997: Platinium
2002: Cosmos (2 cd's)
2002: The best of Vangelis

1968: The clock + Our love sleeps on the waters
1969: Djemilla + Third love
1972: Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit (promo)
1973: Come on + He-o
1976: So long ago, so clear + Heaven and hell theme
1976: Pulstar + Alpha
1977: Theme d'amour + Generique (La fete sauvage)
1977: Ignacio Pt.1 + 2
1977: To the unknown man Pt. 1 + 2
1977: Dervish D + 3+3
1979: Hymne + Irlande
1979: The long march + The long march Pt.2
1980: My love + Domestic logic 1
1981: Chariots of fire + Eric's theme
1983: Theme from Antarctica + Echoes
1988: Will of the winds + Metallic rain + Intergalatic radio station
1989: Themes (5 track promo)
1989: Chariots of fire + Love theme from blade runner
1989: Missing + Erics theme
1990: Good to see you (promo two track)
1992: Conquest of paradise + Moxica and the horse
1992: Conquest of paradise + Moxica and the horse + Line open + Landscape
1992: Twenty eighth parallel + West across the ocean sea
1995: Theme from Antarctica
1995: Voices 1 + Voices 2 (echoes) + Voices 3
1995: Voices 1 + Voices 2 (echoes)
1996: Ask the mountains (single) + Slow piece + Ask the mountain (extended)
1996: Sauvage et beau + Himalaya + La petite fille de la mer + I'll find my way home
1996: Song of the seas (edit) + Song of the seas (album) + Aquatic dance
2001: Mythodea special edit + Movement 2
2001: Mythodea special edit + Movement 7
2002: 2002 FIFA World Cup Official Anthem (Orchestra version + Synthesizer version)
2002: 2002 FIFA World Cup Official Anthem [maxi cd-single] (Orchestra version + Synthesizer version + JS 16 remix + Takkyu Ishino remix)
Rarities (solo bootlegs):

1971: Dragon
1971: Hypothesis
1980: See you later outtakes
1993: Blade runner (Off world)
1993: Blade runner (Gongo)
1994: The Bounty (OWM)
1997: Themes 2 (Polygraph)
1998: Vangelis: Event of excellence : Live in Holland 1991; Friends  of Yes (Highland)
1999: Sensitivity plus alpha (Highland)
1999: Earth (Euroton: Hungary)
1999: Apocalypse des animaux (Euroton: Hungary)
2000: Cavafy (Storm records)
2000: Crimes & passion
2000: End of the world + It's five O'clock (Private Area: Russia)
2001: Blade runner : Deck definitive edition (Deck Art)
2002: Francesco (Andromeda Music) 1 cd
2002: Francesco (Andromeda Music) 2 cd's
2002: 1492 : conquest of paradise (Andromeda Music)
2002: Blade runner collector box : Deck definitive edition (Deck Art)

As "Mama O":

1978: (single) Red square + While the cats away

As "Odyssey":

1974: (single) Who + Sad face


(listed in alphabetical order)
With Alpha-Beta (Vilma Ladopoulos (Vilma Lado)):

1971: (single) Astral abuse + Who killed?

With Jon Anderson (Jon and Vangelis):

1980: Short stories
1981: The friends of mr. Cairo (6 tracks)
1982: The friends of mr. Cairo (7 tracks)
1983: Private collection
1984: Best of Jon and Vangelis
1991: Page of life
1994: Chronicles (compilation album)
1998: Page of life (USA version)
2000: I hear you now (compilation album)


1979: I hear you now + Thunder
1981: The friends of Mr. Cairo + Beside
1981: State of independence + Beside
1981: The friends of Mr. Cairo + Back to school
1981: Outsite of this + Beside
1981: I'll find my way home + Back to school
1983: And when the night comes + Song is
1983: He is sailing + Song is
1983: He is sailing + Polonaise
1983: Polonaise + Song is
1983: Deborah + Song is
1984: State of independence + Friends of Mr. Cairo
1984: I hear you now + I'll find my way home
1991: Wisdom chain + Wisdom chain (edit) + Page of life + Sing with your eyes
1991: Wisdom chain + Page of life
1995: Change we must + State of independence + Change we must
Solo albums of Jon Anderson:

1985: 3 Ships (only the song: Easier said than done)

1985: Easier said than done + Day of days
1985: Easier said than done + 3 ships
Rarities (bootlegs):

1977: The sky and his shadow
1986: 1986 Sessions
1991: Page of life - Demos and outtakes
1998: Another page of life (Highland)

With Richard Anthony:

1974: Qui t'a fait ça?

With Aphrodite's Child:

1968: End of the world
1970: It's five o'clock
1971: 666
1995: The singles (compilation CD)
1996: The complete collection
2002: Babylon the great (compilation CD with the previously unreleased track "Chakachak")
2003: The singles+ (compilation CD with the previously unreleased track "Pathenon")

1968: Plastic never more + To the other people (promo)
1968: Rain and tears + Don't try to catch me a river
1968: End of the world + You allways stand in my way
1969: I want to live + Magic mirror
1969: Quando l'amore diventa poesia + Lontano dagli occhi
1970: Let me love, let me live + Marie Jolie
1970: It's five o'clock + Funky Mary
1970: Spring, summer, winter and fall + Air
1971: Such a funny night + Don't try to catch a river
1972: Break + Babylon
Rarities (bootlegs):

1999: 666 (Euroton: Hungary)

With Claudio Baglioni:

1974: E tu
2000: E tu (24 bit digital remastering)
2002: Mi historia (3 Spanish songs from E tu)

1974: E tu + Chissa' se mi pense

With Helen Banks:

1973: (single) Do you know + Hazy Day
1973: (single) Starlight + Very deep, very dark

With Montserrat Caballé:

1997: Friends for life
1997: (single) March with me + Like a dream + A rose in December
1998: Con todo mi corazon (only the song: "The prayer") (Spain)
1998: With all my heart (only the song: "The prayer")
1998: Vom ganzen Herzen (only the song: "The prayer") (Germany)

With Chrisma / Krisma:

1977: Chinese restaurant (LP)
1979: Hibernation (LP)
2001: The best [Il meglio] (Remixed compilation cd)
2003: S.H.A.D.O. electro (compilation cd)
2007: Chinese restaurant (CD)
2007: Hibernation (CD)


1976: Amore + Sweet baby sue
1977: U part 1 + part 2 (7" and 12")
1977: C'rock + Mandoia
1979: Aurora + Hibernated nazi
1979: Gott gott elektron + Vetra platz

With Suzanne Cianni:

1986: Velocity of love

With Riccardo Cocciante:

1976: Concerto per Margherita
2000: Concerto per Margherita (24 bit digital remastering)

1977: Concierto para Margarita (Spanish promo album)
2001: Concierto para Margarita (Digital remastered)

1977: Margherita + Primavera
1977: Margarita + Primavera (Sung in Spanish)

With Sean Connery:

2004: Ithaca (limited CD with Sean Connery, reciting the poem "Ithaca" by C.P. Cavafy; including the book "A journey in colour")

With Ricardo Credi:

1967: (single) Siga siga + non et non

With Dimitri:

1974: (single) Pretty one + Rolly miss rolly
1974: (single) Sing all you can + The land

With Maria Farantouri:

1990: 17 songs

With The Forminx (Formynx):

1975: The Forminx (LP)
1999: The Formidable Forminx (part of a 5-cd-box: The ultimate Greek pop)
1999: The Forminx (CD)

1965: (single) Ah! say yeah + Elephant twist
1965: (single) Jeronimo yanka + Dream in my heart
1965: (single) Jenka beat + A hard night's day
1965: (single) School is over + Greek holidays
1966: (single) Il peperone + A precious white rose
1966: (single) Our last September + And maybe more
1968: (single) It's Christmas time again + White Christmas + Jingle bells + The sound of Music

2007: (CD-single) Jeronimo yanka + Dream in my heart + Bonus tracks: Ah say yeah + Elephant twist
2007: (CD-single) Jenka beat + A hard nights day + Bonus tracks: Somebody sent me love + Say you love me
2007: (CD-single) Il peperone + A precious white rose + Bonus tracks: It's Christmas time again + White Christmas + Jingle bells
2007: (CD-single) Our last September + And maybe more + Bonus tracks: School is over + Greek holidays
2007: (CD-single) Love without love + Until the end + Bonus tracks: Hello my love Salonica + Mandjourana's shake

With Sammy Gaha:

1974: (single) J'ai envie de toi + Cuckoo

With Michael Hoppé:

2003:Solace (only the track: "The parting")

With Humanity:

1973: (single) Bird of love + The pawn

With Aleka Kanelidou:

1967: (single) stranger + The more I see you
1994: (compilation) My first songs ( stranger + The more I see you)

With Zoe Kouroukli:

1966: (single) Oldies but goodies + One day in Zappion
1966: (single) Ciao, amore ciao + Non pensare a me

With Paul Labbey:

1969: (single) Mon bel ange blond + Ma romance

With Vilma Lado:

1967: (single) Une etoile + le vent

With Vicky Leandros:

1983: Vicky [Germany: Polydor 815 797-1] (only the song: Adler und Taube)
1983: Vicky [Netherlands?: Philips 817099-1] (only the song:"Adler und Taube)
1984: Vicky [France: Carrere 66.166] (only the song: La colombe et l'aigle)
1984: Vicky [Canada: Carrere DK 634] (only the song: La colombe et l'aigle)

With Raymond Lefevre:

1970: Concerto pour une voix... LP (only the song: Stephanie: Indicatif de Rose D'or)
1998: Je t'aime, moi non plus, Concerto pour une voix.CD (Japan only) (only the song: Stephanie: Indicatif de Rose D'or)

With Julian Lloyd Webber:

1986: Encore! travels with my cello Vol. 2 (only the song: Un apres midi)
1992: Harmonie (only the song: Un apres midi)

With Stavros Logaridis:

1980: Se alli gi (only the song: Na m'agapas)

With Vanessa Mae:

2004: Choreography (only the song: Roxanne's Veil)

With Maria:

1966: (single) Caro profesore + Il mondo lo sa

With Mariangela:

1975: Mariangela
1975: (single) Honalulu baby + Shoo be doo

With Peter Marsh:

1980: (single) : Doesn't matter / Don't be foolish

With Melina Mercouri:

1973: Si Melina m'etait contée
1990: Melina (contains also the Greek version of: Athina)

1973: Athenes ma ville + Je te dirais les mots

With Milva:

1981: Ich hab' keine Angst
1981: Moi je n'ai pas peur
1983: Unverkennbar
1983: Identikit
1986: Geheimnisse
1986: Tra due sogniI
1996: (Compilation CD) Milva all the best (Italy; 2 cd's)
1998: Live and more (limited "collectors club" edition)


1981: Moi, je n'ai pas peur + Pluie sur la mer
1981: Ich hab'keine Angst + Christine
1981: Du Hast es Gut + Der Morgen danach
1986: Canto a Lloret + Blue notte (12")
1986: Canto a Lloret + Blue notte (7")
1986: Deine Frau + Arie
1986: Du gibst mir mehr +Etwas mehr
1987: Canto a Lloret + Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall (7") (Spain)

With The Minis:

1966: (single) And I love her + Girl

With Neuronium:

1993: (CD-single) In London
1996: A separate affair
2002: In London (Platinum edition)

With I Nuovi Angeli:

1977: (single) Mamma luna
1998: (Compilation CD) Le Più belle conzoni ...

With Panda:

1977: (single) Dimenticare + Notturno

With Irene Papas:

1979: Odes
1986: Rapsodies

2007: Odes [Remastered]
2007: Rapsodies [Remastered]

With Tassos Papastamatis (Tasso)

1969: (single) Days of love (+Rosetta)

With Patty Pravo:

1976: Tanto
1998: (Compilation CD) Gli anni 70 (2 cd's)

1976: Tanto + Io ti vendredi

With Tim Rice & Elaine Paige:

1984: Cinema (only the song: Missing)
1985: Love hurts (only the song: All things considered)

1987: The second time + All things considered

With George Romanos:

1968: In concert and in the studio

1967: To roloi (The clock) + Marina
2007: (CD-single) The clock (instr.) + To roloi (The clock) + El koritsi + I agapi mas koimatai sta nera

With Ronny:

1981: (single) : Compare me with the rest: Pt. I-II

With Demis Roussos:

1977: Magic (The Demis Roussos Magic)
1977: Ainsi soit-il
1979: Universum (only German version of "Because")
1982: Demis (English version)
1982: Demis (French version, including: La course infinie)
1982: Demis (Spanish version)
1984: Reflection
1995: Attitudes (with bonustracks from "Reflection")
Compilation (only a selection):

1993: 40 songs of Demis Roussos: 25 years of music (2 cd's)
1998: The phenomenon 1968 - 1998 (4 cd box)
1999: Lo mejor de Demis Roussos: Demis en Español (2 cd's)
1999: The singles
2000: The Phenomenon (DVD)
2003: Demis Roussos : The singles (Book +DVD)


1977: Because + Maybe someday (Netehrlands)
1977: Mourir aupres de mon amour + I dig you (France)
1977: Because + Day-O (Turkey)
1977: Morir el lado de mi amor + I dig you (Spain)
1977: Mourir aupres de mon amour + Ainsi soit-il (France)
1977: Profeta non saro + Day-O (Italy)
1977: Voce voce e nada mais + I dig you (Portugal)
1981: Race to the end + Eric's theme (UK)
1981: Race to the end + Seasons of love (Netherlands)
1981: La course infinie + Mais je chante (France)
1982: Lament + We're shining
1982: Tu Libertad / En el nombre de la Amistad (Spain)
1982: Au nom de l'amitie (Lament) / We're shining (France)

With Socrates:

1976: Phos

With Tammy:

1968: (single) It tears me up / Heart of a child

With George Theodosiadis:

1998: The jazz group of George Theodosiadis (music from 1964-1965); Vangelis is playing 'vibraphone')
2002: Man for all the doings (movie music from 1965) (only for special effects on one track: "Espial corridor)

With Vana Verouti:

1969: (single) Tu c'era gia + Ed ora si

With Various artists:

1981: The music of the Cosmos (selection from the score of the TV series COSMOS by Carl Sagan)
2000: The music of the Cosmos (collector's edition) (double CD) [including Comet 16, from Cosmos special edition]
2002: Fever Pitch : the official music of the 2002 FIFA world cup (with 2 versions of Vangelis World Cup Official Anthem)
2002: Songs of Korea/Japan: the official music of the 2002 FIFA world cup (with 1 version of Vangelis World Cup Official Anthem)
2002: The official music of the 2002 FIFA world cup (with 2 versions of Vangelis World Cup Official Anthem)

With Francois Wertheimer:

1974: (single) Pour un peu mieux que d'habitude

With Yes:

1989: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (only the song:Let's pretend)
1997: Keys to acsension 2 (only the song: Children of light)
Rarities (solo bootlegs):

1999: The alternate generator

With The Yumas:

1973: (single) Happiness + Topata


1984: Silent portrait [LP accompanying the photobook of Gian Paolo Barbieri; The boxset including the photobook and record is limited to 600 copies]


Note:  = not confirmed, so not sure Vangelis composed the soundtrack

1965: My brother the traffic policeman (unreleased soundtrack with the Forminx)
1965: Man for all doings (Director: George Constandinou) (unreleased soundtrack)
1966: Frenzy (unreleased soundtrack)
1967: 5000 Lies (unreleased soundtrack)
1968: Operation Apollo (Apollo goes on holiday) (only the song: "Trip song") (unreleased song)

1970: Sex power (Director: Henry Chapier)
1970: L'Apocalypse des animaux  (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (series in 6 parts: 1: De l'abeille au gorille. 2: Les animaux et les hommes. 3: Une memoire d'elephant. 4: Traquer le chasseur. 5: La peur du loup. 6: L'enfant et la mer)
1971: Cantique des creatures (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased  sound-track)
1972: Salut Jerusalem (Director: Henry Chapier) (unreleased sound-track)
1972: Au pays des visages (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1973: Verve hommage a teriade (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1973: Georges Mathieu ou la fureur d'être. (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1973 Amore (Director: Henry Chapier) (unreleased sound-track)
1974: Georges Braque ou le temps different. (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1975: Ace up my sleeve (Lies, Le desir et la corruption, Crime and passion)  (Director: Ivan Passer) (unreleased sound-track)
1975: No oyes ladrar los perros? (Can you hear the dogs bark?) (Entends tu les chiens aboyer  (Director: Francois Reichenbach)
1975 - 1980: Opéra sauvage (Director: Frédéric Rossif) TV series in 21 parts
1976: La fête sauvage (Director: Frédéric Rossif)
1978: Heureux comme le regard en France (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1979: La conquete de soi (unreleased sound-track)

1980: Defiant delta (Director: Vesna Ljubic) (unreleased sound-track)
1981: Chariots of fire (Director: Hugh Hudson)
1981: Les 30 soleils (The 30 suns) (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1982: Blade runner  (Director: Ridley Scott)
1982: Missing  (Director: Costa Gravas) (unreleased sound-track)
1982: Pablo Picasso peintre (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1983: Antarctica: the south pole story (Director: Koreyoshi Kurahara)
1983: Wonders of life (Director: Edwin Kong) unreleased sound-track)
1984: BBC TV Series Great river journeys (Theme) (unreleased sound-track)
1984: The Bounty (Director: Roger Donaldson) (unreleased sound-track)
1984: Sauvage et beau  (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1984: Silent portraits (music for a photo exposition of Gian Paolo Barbieri) Milan Italy)
1985: Le Temps du miroir (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1985: British Film year theme (TV: unreleased track)
1986: Splendeur sauvage  (Director: Frédéric Rossif) TV series series in 31 episodes (unreleased sound-track)
1986: Cosmos, a special edition (Director: Carl Sagan) TV series
1986: Race against time : Sport aid (Compiled by Tom Morrish) TV broadcast (video); (unreleased music)
1987: Pasteur le siecle (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1988: Le diner des bustes (Director: Moise Maatouk) (unreleased sound-track)
1989: Les animaux de Frédéric Rossif (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (series in 6 parts: 1: Rythme Africain. 2: Les espaces des animaux. 3: Le peuple des ailes. 4: Les animaux du bout du monde. 5: L'eau et les animaux. 6: Les animaux sont une Fête.) (unreleased  sound-track)
1989: Francesco (Director: Liliana Cavani) (unreleased sound-track)
1989: Beaute sauvage (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (TV serie, 8 episodes, unreleased sound-track)
1989: Morandi (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1989: De Nuremberg a Nuremberg (The triumph of the war, The defeat and the judgement) (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)

1990: Les sentinelles oubliees (Forgotten sentinels) (Director: Frédéric Rossif) (unreleased sound-track)
1992: Indonesie I, Les Vergers de L'Enfer (Jacques Cousteau documentary) (unreleased sound-track)
            (Re-discovery of the world documentary series)
1992: Indonesie II, Sumatra (Jacques Cousteau documentary) (unreleased sound-track)
            (Re-discovery of the world documentary series)
1992: Mirage of the sea (Jacques Cousteau documentary) (unreleased sound-track)
            (Re-discovery of the world documentary series)
1992: Streams of life (Jacques Cousteau documentary) (unreleased sound-track)
1992: The plague (La peste) (Director: Luis Puenzo) (unreleased sound-track)
1992: Bitter moon (Lune de fiel) (Director: Roman Polanski) (unreleased sound-track)
1992: Starwatcher (Director Jean Giraud) (unreleased sound-track)
1992: 1492 - Conquest of paradise (Director: Ridley Scott)
1996: Kavafis (Director: Iannis Smaragdis) (unreleased sound-track)

2004: Alexander (Director: Oliver Stone)
2007: El Greco (Director: Iannis Smaragdis)

SOUNDTRACKS: (without "new" music)

Note: This part contains movies with Vangelis music, but Vangelis didn't write the complete score (soundtrack).
Some movies only have one or some cover versions or small parts of Vangelis music.

1976: Plus vite que le soleil (Director: Robert Enrico) (unreleased sound-track)

1982: The year of living dangerously (Director: Peter Weir)
1986: Nosferatu a Venezia (Director: Augusto Caminito)
1987: Traquee; Someone to watch over me (Director: Ridley Scott)
1989: Portrait of Africa (Director: Dann Moss)

1990: Russicum (Director: Pasquale Squitieri)


Note:  = not confirmed, so not sure Vangelis composed the music

1983: R B Sque (Arabesque) (Ballet) London (choreography: Wayne Eaglings)
1983: Elektra (Play) Greece: Epidaurus (Michael Kakayanis)
1985: Frankenstein: The modern Prometheus (Ballet)  London
  (ballet choreography: Wayne Eaglings)
1986: Beauty and the beast (Ballet) London  (choreography: Wayne Eaglings)

1991 (July): Ifigeneia (Play) Greece: Epidaurus
1991 (3 October): Night of poetry  Athens
1992 (May): Sous haute surveillance (Play)  Paris
1992 (July): Medea (Play) Barcelona (Nuria Espert)
1992 (November): Antigone (Opera) Athens
1994 (August): Empress Theodora (Play) Athens

2001 (October): Las Troyanas (Trojan woman) (Play) Valencia (Spain) [with Irene Papas]
2002 (March - June): The Tempest (Play) Budapest National Theater (Hungary)
2003 (September): Toiane (Trojan woman) / Ecuba (Play) Rome (Italy) [with Irene Papas]
2005 (May - June: Antigone (Play) Syracuse (Italy) [with Irene Papas]


1988: Olympic flame ceremony (Athens Panathinaiko Stadium)

1990: Song for Athens (Athens Panathinaiko Stadium))
1993: Mythodia (Herod Atticus Theatre, Athens)
1997: (August 1) Openingsceremony Worldchampionship Athletics 1997 (Athens Panathinaiko Stadium)

2000: (October 1) Closing ceremony Olympic games Sydney (Note: Vangelis didn't play "live")
2001: (June 28) Mythodea (Olympieion Temple of Zeus, Athens)
2001: (December 1) FIFA World Cup 2002 anthem premiere: football world championship (Busan Exhibition & Convention Centre, Korea) (Note: only composed by Vangelis, not performed by Vangelis)

Информация взята с http://www.engelen.demon.nl/discogr.htm

Короче щас попробую на трекерах поспрашивать - мож у кого чё ещё есь )

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Когда же он спал? :)

Еще залить что-нить? У меня не все в лосслесс качестве.



было бы здорово!!
Всё равно я этот лузлесс перевожу в MP3 чтобы место меньше занимало и в плеере послушать. ;)

И есть ли ещё что нибудь в таком стиле послушать, типа как Voices )))

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Ссылки на Blade Runner обновил.

здорово, спасибо. Blade Runner OST - один из самых любимых саундтреков и почти единственное, что нравится у Вангелиса.


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