Forgotten Alibi - We Wont Be Open To Fall [EP] (2005)

01 - Resisting What Matters Most (3:16)
02 - A Promise Enlcosed (4:09)
03 - Burn The Skyline (3:18)
04 - Until Nightmares End (5:48)
05 - In Contrast Of A Perfect Portrait (3:30)

Стиль: Screamo/Emo
Страна: USA … -fall-2005

Инфорамция о группе (English):
Forgotten Alibi is a band pressing the limits of typical genres. Its rare that musicians with such dedication and passion for their art come together, and when they do, the result is a band for whom limits mean nothing. The band combines typical aspects of the post hardcore genre with a newer refreshing twist of melodic breakdowns and poetic lyrics remnescent of bands like Thrice, Story of the Year, Silverstein and Taking Back Sunday. After spending the last year building up a significant fan base around the local San Diego music scene. We hope to build even more of a fan base with our upcoming EP.