группа, на осколках которой образовалась post-metal команда Russian Circles.


Dakota / Dakota - Shoot In The Dark [2003]

Track List:
1. Hamburger Help Us
2. I Hope to god I'm not a Sheep
3. Indian Givers, Cowboy Takers
4. Don't pee in my Bed and Tell Me That it's Raining
5. Bruises are Buttons for Pain
6. No Matter How Hard I Try...I never Remember the Alamo
7. Getting Angry is the Worst Way to Prove You're not Drunk
8. Can I Write Something on Your Face?
9. Juse Because You Can't See My Invisible Forcefield Doesn't Mean it's not There
10. Square Meals at Round Tables

Теги: Math Rock, Post-Rock, Progressive, usa