Альбом: Chained-Epiphany Of The Soulless
Год: 2020
Стиль: Symphonic-Gothic-Epic Black Metal With Elements Female Vocal
Время: 45:34
Страна: Dominican Republic
Формат: MP3,СBR 320
Файлообменник: Cloud
Размер: 106 MБ

1. Act I - Prologue (The End Is Just The Beginning)
2. Act II - The Apocalypse (The Revealed Antichrist)
3. Act III - The Repent (One Last Ov Regret)
4. Act IV - The Rise Ov Babylon (A Requiem Ov The Deceased Pedophiles)
5. Act V - The Fall Ov Babylon (Tore The Veil Ov The Eyes)
6. Act VI - The Seven Seals Ov The Apocalypse (The Arrival Ov The Endtimes)
7. Act VII - Chained (The Epiphany Ov The Soulless)
8. Act VIII - Fall Ov Lucifer (Corrupted Wisdom Ov Thy Splendor)
9. Act IX - The Apocalyptic Overture (Holocaust Ov Greediness)