Стиль: Screamo
Страна: USA

Bear Garden Discography

... And the Heroine cries Help Compilation
3 song demo
Bromance Split
Disco Biscuits EP


Lead Vocals - Evan Morse
Guitar/Vocals - Chris LeBlanc
Bass/Vocals - Mikey Ferrin
Drums - Kighle Ollah

Информация о группе (English):
Bear Garden is a Screamo/Punk quartet from Duluth, MN. They have reached a large fan base in the city and its surrounding areas.
The band's release of their first song EP, "Disco Biscuit," was first made public at their release show with other local favorites "29 Dead in a Baghdad Cafe", "Bright Lights Always Turn Off", "Holy Roman Empire", and others on 02/11/06.