Страна: United States of America (Kings Mountain, North Carolina)
Стиль: Guttural Slamming Brutal Death Metal

Current line-up
Blake Scott - Guitar, Vocals (Necroptic Remnants/Impulsive Disembowelment, Flesh Casket)
Billy - Drums


Necrosadistic Defilement EP, 2007
The Stench of Human Decay Demo, 2007

2007 - Necrosadistic Defilement (EP)
Альбом: Necrosadistic Defilement [EP]
Год: 2007
Качество: 320

01-Defiled Beyond Recognition
02-Surgically Decapitated
03-Backwoods Orchi..Omy
05-Excretions Of Vaginal Engorgement
06-Mastication Of An Aborted Fetus
07-Vomitous Defecation

Раз тема со слэмом прокатывает, вот вам еще новомодных брутальных парней))

Теги: Guttural, Slamming, Brutal, Death Metal,usa