Страна: Finland (Naantali/Turku)
Образована: 1992
Стиль:Death Grind (early) Death'n'Roll (now)

Anton Kupias (Q-Pias) - Vocals, guitar, synth, percussion (Disgrace (Fin), KLV, Deathblow (Fin))
Oskari Forsten (Unknown Force-10, Obscuras) - Bass
Pauli Kallio (Pavement) - Drums

1996 - Detergent Bubble Bath (EP)

01. Ultraplast 03:23
02. Detergent Bubble Bath (Incubated at 4°C) 03:02
03. Reanimate the Way 03:19
04. Portrait 02:40
05. Hydro 04:04
06. Ebony (the Body Hammer Massage) 03:34 … e-bath-rar

1999 - Celestial Mechanics

01-Inner Demon
02-That's Why They Call Me Q
04-Chromium Plated
05-Gotta Move
07-Prince Albert
08-Do I Need To Tell?
10-Steam Inhale
12-Celestial Mechanics
13-Kick Your Head To Kingdom Come …