(1994 – 2000)

Honey Is Cool were a Swedish indie-rock band consisting of:
Karin Dreijer (vocals & guitar)
John Jern (guitar)
Håkan Hellström (drums)
Paul Källman (synthesizer)
Staffan Larsson (bass)

Since the breakup some band members have had continued (perhaps with greater success), Håkan Hellström recording solo and Dreijer previously as half of The Knife and now solo as Fever Ray.

Early Morning Are You Working?

1.Early Morning Are You Working
3.Great and Smaller Things
4.There's No Difference
5.Summer of Men
6.I Surprise
7.Waiting for a Friend
8.My Love Is a Bell
9.Lead but Low
10.Something Above the Mountains
11.The Giraffe … 999-232895