Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Death, Darkness, Toughness
Norway (Bergen)
Formed in
Current label
Dark Essence Records
Current line-up
Stud Bronson (Tore Bratseth) - Vocals, guitar (Old Funeral, Bömbers, Desekrator)
Lust Kilman (Ole Walaunet) - Guitar (Grimfist, Deride, Deathcon)
Colt Kane (Kai K. Lie) - Bass (Borknagar, St. Satan)
Morden (Tormod Haraldson) - Drums (Amok (Nor), Dead to this World, Cult of Catharsis, Helheim (Nor), Taake, Deathcon)

The Batallion  / EP, 2007/
Stronghold of Men   / Full-length, 2008/

Stronghold Of Men [2008]

1.The Spirit of Masculinity 04:01
2.Born in a Grave 03:28
3.Detonate 02:58
4.Man to Man (Warfare) 03:40
5.Victims 02:47
6.Smoke em Out 03:37
7.Hate at Last Sight 03:08
8.Tension in the Stronghold 03:06
9.March of the Veterans 03:33
10.Prove Your Pain 02:56
11.Last Dawn 03:11

Total playing time 36:31

320 кб/с

наверно их в треш запихнуть надо было, а может и тут оставить