The Monks are a rock n roll band, primarily active in germany in the mid to late sixties. They reunited in 1999 and have continued to play concerts, although no new studio recordings have been made. The Monks stood out from the music of the time, and have developed a cult following amongst many musicians and music fans. One band to have acknowledged The Monks is The Fall who covered shut up (shut up) on their 1994 album Middle Class Revolt, and both I Hate You and Oh, How To Do Now on their 1990 album Extricate.

Song structures are minimal and repetitive, but do not tend to follow the standard verse-chorus-bridge patterns of a pop song.
The band's lyrics are dadaist and playful, yet paranoid. They combine nursery rhyme style lyrics ("higgle-dy piggle-dy") with war commentary ("Why do you kill all those kids over there in Vietnam? Mad Vietcong! My brother died in Vietnam"; "People kill, people will for you/ People run, ain't it fun for you/ People go, to their deaths for you"), surreal interjections ("James Bond, who was he?") and paranoia about girls and love ("I hate you with a passion baby! And you know why I hate you? It's because you make me hate you baby!").

летом 2007 Drunken Maria стояла у меня на звонке.  :whistle:  а вообще люблю Oh, How to Do Now больше.

Black Monk Time (1966)

01. "Monk Time" – 2:42
02. "Shut Up" – 3:11
03. "Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice" – 1:23
04. "Higgle-Dy - Piggle-Dy" – 2:28
05. "I Hate You" – 3:32
06. "Oh, How To Do Now" – 3:14
07. "Complication" – 2:21
08. "We Do Wie Du" – 2:09
09. "Drunken Maria" – 1:44
10. "Love Came Tumblin' Down" – 2:28
11. "Blast Off!" – 2:12
12. "That's My Girl" – 2:24
CD bonus tracks:
13. "I Can't Get Over You" (Single) – 2:42
14. "Cuckoo" (Single) – 2:41
15. "Love Can Tame The Wild" (Single) – 2:38
16. "He Went Down To The Sea" (Single) – 3:03