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Rip Rig & Panic - I Am Cold [1982]


A1 Storm The Reality Asylum 3.45
A2 Warm; To The If In Life 4.48
A3 Liars Shape Up Or Ship Out 2.03
A4 Epi Epi Arp Woosh! 4.35
A5 Nurse Increase The Sedatives (The Torment's No Better) 4.29
A6 Take A Don Key To Mystery 4:00     
B1 Tax Sex 5.47
B2 Hunger (The Ocean Roars It Bites) 3.45
B3 You're My Kind Of Climate 2.48
B4 Here Gathers Nameless Energy (Volcanoes Covered By Snow) 4.20
B5 Misa Luba Lone Wolf 3.48
B6 A Dog's Secret 1.50

http://myzcloud.me/album/2531172/rip-ri … -cold-1982

Теги: post-punk, funk