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Wooden Shjips [psychedelic rock, noise, experimental, usa]

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San Franciscan wierdos Wooden Shjips (trust me that is their real name and not a typo) are hugely influenced by the far-out, LSD induced experimentalism of psychedelia, with a small measure of prog rock excess thrown in for good luck. The lazy, hazy groove, fizzing, fuzzy guitars, pounding bass topped of with haunting half sung half spoken vocals is a blood relation of the glacial psych/garage rock of Crocodiles era Echo & The Bunnymen crossed with the sun-bleached tremolo-punk of Australia's The Scientistsand the nightmarish nursery rhyming of the solo Syd Barrett. There are hints of krautrock, the hammond organ haze of The Doors, Spacemen 3 style droning freak outs and the classic progressive psych of The Soft Machine. These influences congeal like blood on a day old wound on their self-titled Holy Mountain debut which quickly on the heels of the band's single on the legendary Sub Pop.

Wooden Shjips - Volume 1 - 2008


1.Shrinking Moon For You (8:36)
2.Death's Not Your Friend (2:15)
3.Space Clothes (3:06)
4.Clouds Over Earthquake (4:42)
5.Dance, California (Radio Edit) (4:03)
6.SOL '07 (11:37)


"одни из перваков в психонаборе" (с). о да, детка))  :love:

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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » Wooden Shjips [psychedelic rock, noise, experimental, usa]

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