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Yo La Tengo [indie rock, usa]

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Yo La Tengo is an American indie rock band based in Hoboken, New Jersey. With more than 15 albums released since 1984, they have demonstrated unusual longevity for the indie-rock scene. They are frequently regarded as one of the definitive indie rock groups of the 1990s. Though Yo La Tengo has achieved limited mainstream success, the band has become a critical favorite with a devoted fan base.


Этимология названия группы
The band's name comes from a baseball anecdote.

During the 1962 season, New York Mets center fielder Richie Ashburn and Venezuelan shortstop Elio Chacón found themselves colliding in the outfield. When Ashburn went for a catch, he would scream, "I got it! I got it!" only to run into the 160-pound Chacón, who spoke only Spanish.

Ashburn learned to yell, "¡Yo la tengo! ¡Yo la tengo!" which is "I have it" in Spanish. In a later game, Ashburn happily saw Chacón backing off. He relaxed, positioned himself to catch the ball, and was instead run over by 200-pound (90.7 kilograms) left fielder Frank Thomas, who understood no Spanish and had missed a team meeting that proposed using the words "¡Yo la tengo! as a way to avoid outfield collisions.

After getting up, Thomas asked Ashburn, "What the heck is a Yellow Tango?".

The band wanted a name that sounded foreign in order to avoid any connotations in English. Kaplan is also a devoted baseball fan. However, it still irks the band when they are asked the origin of the name. The band once performed a cover of the Mets theme song "Meet the Mets" during a benefit appearance on radio station WFMU's pledge drive. A track on I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass is called "The Story of Yo La Tango" in apparent reference to an all-too-frequent misspelling of the band's name.



I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (Matador, 1997)

01 Beach Party Tonight 3:06
02 Little Eyes 4:18
03 Nothing But You and Me 5:13
04 Season of the Shark 4:27
05 Today Is the Day 5:33
06 Tiny Birds 5:07
07 How to Make a Baby Elephant Float 3:29
08 Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo 3:56
09 Don’t Have to Be So Sad 5:53
10 Winter a-Go-Go 3:21
11 Moonrock Mambo 4:49
12 Let’s Be Still 10:22
13 Take Care 2:32


Теги: indie, usa



Надо будет их прослушать, в свое время их пропустил :)



mashmasha Вот что у меня завалялось, шестой их номерной альбом вроде как :)

(1993) - Painful


Track List:

01-Big Day Coming
02-From a Motel 6
03-Double Dare
04-Superstar Watcher
05-Nowhere Near
06-Sudden Organ
07-A Worrying Thing
08-I Was the Fool Beside You For Too Long
09-The Whole of the Law
10-Big Day Coming
11-I Heard You Looking




(2000) - And then nothing turned itself inside out


Track List:

01 - Everyday (6.35)
02 - Our Way To Fall (4.21)
03 - Saturday (4.21)
04 - Let's Save Tony Orlando's House (5.02)
05 - Last Days Of Disco (6.31)
06 - The Crying Of Lot G (4.48)
07 - You Can Have It All (4.39)
08 - Tears Are In Your Eyes (4.38)
09 - Cherry Chapstick (6.15)
10 - From Black To Blue (4.50)
11 - Madeline (3.40)
12 - Tired Hippo (4.49)
13 - Night Falls On Hoboken (17.45)


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(2006) - I am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass


Track List:

01 - Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind (9.48)
02 - Beanbag Chair (2.02)
03 - I Feel Like Going Home (3.14)
04 - Mr. Tough (3.06)
05 - Black Flowers (3.38)
06 - The Race Is On Again (3.37)
07 - The Room Got Heavy (4.10)
08 - Sometimes I Don't Get You (2.16)
09 - Daphnia (7.51)
10 - I Should Have Known Better (2.17)
11 - Watch Out For Me Ronnie (2.01)
12 - The Weakest Part (2.04)
13 - Song For Mahila (2.42)
14 - Point And Shoot (3.15)
15 - The Story Of Yo La Tango (10.48)




Всё что было, то и предоставил :) Новый релиз в 2009 выходит. так что ждать осталось не долго :)


Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » Yo La Tengo [indie rock, usa]

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