Atmospheric Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Religion, Death, Darkness
Origin Finland  (Kuhmo)
Formed in 1998
Current label Displeased Records
Status Split-up

Last known line-up
Jani Häkli - Guitar, Bass
Jani Huotari - Vocals (Kuolo)
Heikki Kähkönen - Guitar (Charisma (Fin), Kuolo)
Olli Kokkonen - Drums (Charisma (Fin), Kuolo)
Jari Määttä - Keyboard (Astray)
Additional notes
All of the members live in different cities


Beyond the Oblivion    /EP, 1999/
Oblivion  / Full-length, 2001/

Oblivion [2001]

1.Mysterious Fate 04:10
2.Bloodshed Stains 05:14
3.Last Remains Of The Pathetic Empire 04:15
4.Nocturnal Wanderer 04:53
5.Kohti Surmaa 03:27
6.The Devastation Of Paradise (Ruins Of Heaven) 04:26
7.Where Emptiness Prevails 04:03
8.Touch Of The Dismal Night 05:58 … 2001-98723