The Metros are a five-piece Indie rock band from Peckham, south London, England. Founded by vocalist Saul Adamczewski and lead guitarist Jak Payne, the band were formed while most of the members were still at school.

The Metros dub themselves a 'punk and roll' band and are from a musical background—Adamczewski's father designed record sleeves for A&M and Payne's father played session bass for Glenn Tilbrook. Based on the strength of their demos (produced by Baxter Dury, son of Ian Dury), in 2006 they signed to 1965 Records by James Endeacott (who had previously signed The Libertines, The Strokes and The View), when all five members were still under 18. The Guardian described them as "Punk'n'roll urchins".

Formerly known as Eastern Bloc and The Wanking Skankers, the band changed the name for "commercial reasons". They list Squeeze, Ian Dury and The Beastie Boys as their major influences.

More Money Less Grief (2008)

Track listing
1. Missing In Action (2:45)
2. Ra Ra Roland (3:38)
3. Last Of The Lookers (2:49)
4. Education Pt. 2 (3:19)
5. Sexual Riot (3:13)
6. Sarah Kane (3:07)
7. Talk About It (3:20)
8. Robin Hood (3:03)
9. Every Other Tuesday (2:33)
10. Kreps For Christman (3.28)
11. Live A Little (3:44)
12. Too Many Hannahs (3:41)!66eRq8zx/the-metros … f-2008-rar