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Built To Spill [indie, folk rock, acoustic, usa]

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Built to Spill is an American indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho.

1992 - present


You in Reverse



Track listing:

"Goin' Against Your Mind" – 8:41
"Traces" – 4:43
"Liar" – 5:11
"Saturday" – 2:25
"Wherever You Go" – 6:10
"Conventional Wisdom" – 6:22
"Gone" – 5:41
"Mess With Time" – 5:43
"Just a Habit" – 4:27
"The Wait" – 5:00

no i wouldn't be a liar if i told you that, i wouldn't be a liar.. :love:


Rolling Stone Review:
You in Reverse finds idaho's Built to Spill in a familiar groove: Recorded after the band spent months woodshedding in leader/guitar guy Doug Martsch's garage, the album is a dog-eared collection of front-porch melodies and buzzy guitar jams, with Neil Young and Frank Black as spiritual godfathers. Seven of the ten songs on You in Reverse crack the five-minute mark, which is a boon for Built to Spill's action-packed jams and expansive tune sense. The opening "Goin' Against Your Mind" is an eight-minute barnburner full of slashing riffs and jittery drums, with Martsch laying a catchy vocal where he might have put a searing guitar lead in the past; the brighter "Conventional Wisdom" starts with a sparkling arpeggiated riff, passes through Martsch's breezy melody and spins off into some shimmery soloing. The jams here rarely sound like filler: Even the Tex-Mex coda on "Mess With Time" packs more full-bodied crunch than the average Bonnaroo set. On the gorgeous closer, "The Wait," Martsch murmurs about the changing seasons in a sleepy drawl. Then, just to show you he's still kicking, he tacks on some space-age effects and a solo that soars over the gentle tune like a UFO in Idaho.

(Posted: Apr 5, 2006)

Отредактировано mashmasha (2008-11-14 18:20:58)



уоппа :))) милые стариканы :)))



безусловно хороши. давно не говорила так про группы, причисляющие себя к индироку ага)

спасибо машмаше



Built To Spill_Keep It Like A Secret [Warner Bros; 1999]
http://ulozto.net/!0H7TY8Q26nUo/built-t … secret-rar


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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Rock » Built To Spill [indie, folk rock, acoustic, usa]

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