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Dead And Divine [Hardcore, Southern Rock, can]

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Dead And Divine - The Fanciful (2008)


01 - There Are Good Guys, Bad Guys, And Me 3:14
02 - Nothing Is Fair In Love And War 3:18
03 - Honest To God 4:54
04 - Get Down With Your Bad Self 3:08
05 - San Dimas 3:00
06 - Like Wolves 4:37
07 - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 4:03
08 - Something I've Rehearsed 4:05
09 - The Bronze Goddess 3:24
10 - Professional Cinderella 2:38
11 - To The Moon And Back 4:11

http://myzuka.club/Album/12257/Dead-And … ciful-2008

Patrick Simms  - Guitar & Vocals
David Mcguire  - Guitar & Vocals
Isi Commisso  - Bass & Vocals
Matthew Tobin  - Vocals
Will Allen  - Drums

Стиль: Hardcore/Fashioncore/Southern Rock

Информация о группе (English):
Dead And Divine started off as most bands should: a group of friends that loved music. Isi Commisso, Matthew Tobin and William Allen all came together as an almalgomation of three broken bands, each spanning a different style. practicing weekly, they began to write which was not thier immediate goal. however, it seemed to come naturally to them. it wasn't long before they required new members. Patrick Simms was added into the band, which gave them a whole new personal element. none of them had ever worked with two guitarists before and they were unsure.
As time went on the writing process became more and more important to them and Matt chose to drop the guitar and focus more on the lyrical aspect of the music. they liked the idea of two guitarists and searched for a new one. Dave McGuire was more than eager to join the band and we looked forward to having him as part of the group. once they had realized they had potential and they were hooked up with local shows and took anything they could get. they recieved plenty of admiration for thier onstage presence and their overall music and eventually playing live came naturally to them and their music began to broaden. after show upon show, dead and divine began to start thinking about recording . this is when they went to the studio and recorded thier first four song EP entitled: "Her Name Was Tragedy." and that brings us to the present...
dead and divine have crafted their own interesting sound, blending influences like Deftones, Poison The Well, Finch and Nevea Tears they have created a perfect harmony of raw power and ghostly presence. they have trulely brought more to the music than what you may think. their music is infused with driving guitar riffs capable of carrying a song, accented beautifully with powerful and emotional vocals. the sheer power behind thier music is needless to say, incredible. when they are on stage they command it and take it as thier own, they use their music to control the people around them. dead and divine create a spectacle that must be seen and that is enjoyed by all. Although they are young and a relitively young band, dead and divine have carved their own place in the burlington/oakville music scene as one of the front runners in their genre. with a full length album being released by summer 2005, things are poised to get much bigger for dead and divine. keep your eyes and ears peeled because you will be hearing from them very soon.

Теги: Hardcore, Southern Rock, can, Post-Hardcore



2004 - And Her Name Was Tragedy (EP)


Продолжительность: 00:18:45

01 - Painting With Knives And Gunshots [00:05:05]
02 - The Bloodiest Of Valentines Days [00:03:52]
03 - Deady Beautiful [00:04:51]
04 - Wrapped In Red [00:04:56]

http://myzuka.club/Album/15152/Dead-And … agedy-2004

2005 - What Really Happened At Lover's Lane


Продолжительность: 00:27:50

01 - These Are The Sounds Of Passion [00:00:24]
02 - You Are Cordially Invited [00:02:48]
03 - Behold! A Night To Remember [00:04:37]
04 - It's Not So Bad At The End Of The World [00:03:53]
05 - Third Time's The Charm, Right  [00:03:53]
06 - Josephine, The Singer [00:04:03]
07 - Curiosity Killed The Cat [00:02:59]
08 - Goodnight, Quiet City [00:05:11]


2009 - The Machines We Are


Продолжительность: 00:40:06

01 - The Sugar Sickness [00:03:48]
02 - Creature [00:04:10]
03 - Chemical Valley [00:02:42]
04 - Neon Jesus [00:03:13]
05 - D.R.U.G.S. [00:02:43]
06 - For Your Health [00:01:35]
07 - Teeth [00:03:39]
08 - Mechanical Orchestra [00:03:27]
09 - Lovely Bones [00:05:22]
10 - Cassandra Syndrome [00:09:21]



Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Core » Dead And Divine [Hardcore, Southern Rock, can]

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