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Four Letter Lie [Emo, Post-Hardcore, usa]

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Four Letter Lie/Minneapolis, MN
In a world where perception usually trumps reality, here are some cold, hard truths about the band Four Letter Lie: Hailing for Minnesota, the five members of Four Letter Lie-- guitarist/vocalist Kevin Skaff, singer Brian Nagan, bassist John Waltmann, drummer Derek Smith and guitarist Connor Kelly--had only been together a short while before they cut their own EP, sold 1,500 copies of it and drew raves in the press. "This release from Minnesotas Four Letter Lie sums up everything that weve become familiar with in melodic hardcore, and does it perfectly," raved AMP Magazine.
The guys have been touring on their own since the bands inception; in 2005, they landed choice slots on the Warped and Taste of Chaos tours. With their scream along choruses, monster breakdowns, and unexpected, yet well balanced soft side, Four Letter Lie have built a dedicated and passionate fan base from the ground up, from the Twin Cities to a strong nationwide audience.
So it should come as no surprise to find out that Four Letter Lie was one of the four featured unsigned bands in January 2006s issue of Alternative Press Magazine, and was selected by fans to perform for the second year in a row at Taste Of Chaos. We have always been a band who works as hard as we can at what we do and I think thats something people start to notice after awhile, Skaff adds. Victory Records sure took notice, as they snapped them up in 2006 and sent them into the studio with producer extraordinaire Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping, Straylight Run). Recording with Mike and Chris was probably one of the most exciting things we have experienced thus far as a band, says Waltmann.
Their achievement is Let Your Body Take Over, a wondrous collection of songs that run the gamut from seething rock chaos and unbridled emotions to sweet pop and clever wordplay. The fun starts with the first single Feel Like Fame and it doesnt let up from track one to twelve. We have the passion and drive in our music and ourselves to constantly be striving for more, Nagan says. We hope for people to recognize these traits and relate with us from a listeners point of view."

Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over (2006)


1. First Avenue (Diary Of A Scientist)
2. Full Tilt Boogie
3. Naked Girl Avalanche
4. Feel Like Frame
5. The Ordinary Life
6. It Was A Business Doing Pleasure
7. Let Your Body Take Over
8. Baby, You're My Bad Habit
9. Firecracker
10. Tell Me About Everything
11. Cowboys & Indians
12. Rocky Loves Emily


Теги: Emo, Post-Hardcore, usa



What A Terrible Thing To Say (2008)


Artist: Four Letter Lie
Album: What A Terrible Thing To Say
Label: Victory Records
Playtime: 42:15 min
Genre: Rock
URL: http://www.myspace.com/fourletterlie

Release Notes

Don’t let these wholesome looking boys from the Midwest fool you...FOUR
LETTER LIE may pack an abundance of pop hooks in their tunes, but they also
pack a massive hardcore punch that will floor anyone that crosses their path.
What A Terrible Thing To Say continues with the band’s trademark style of
stadium sized choruses coupled with monster riffs and hardcore growls. It’s
fun and heavy music without the makeup and dyed hair.

Track List

01. Cake Eater ( 3:49)
02. Nothing But A Ghost ( 4:09)
03. Pretty/Ugly ( 4:14)
04. It's Coming This Way ( 3:00)
05. What A Terrible Thing To Say ( 5:10)
06. Think Of Your Favorite Place ( 3:48)
07. A Place Called Further ( 3:52)
08. Pretend You Never Happened ( 4:01)
09. I Don't Speak To Dead Men ( 4:55)
10. Charlatan ( 5:17)




очень хорошая банда,понравилось.



Four Letter Lie A New Day (2009)



01 Daymaker
02 We’re All Sinners
03 Careless Lover
04 It’s Finally Over
05 My Surrender (Feat. Jesse Barrera)
06 The Spell
07 Strugglers
08 Key To The World
09 I’m Done Trying To Make It
10 Young Hearts
11 Faces In Places



Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Emo/ Emocore/ Screamo » Four Letter Lie [Emo, Post-Hardcore, usa]

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