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Tugnut [Mathcore, Experimental, can]

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Tugnut’s early beginnings were in the middle of nowhere Fort Frances, Ontario (pop. 9,000). Once the decision was made to relocate to Southern Ontario, a serious and focused band emerged. Working hard to write what they feel is “meaningful interesting music”, tugnut hit the road to spread their music to the masses. With relentless national touring, tugnut have been able to gain immense support within the underground Canadian metal scene. With their must see live shows and hard work ethic they have been annihilating every city and town they cross. A tugnut live show is a bombardment of energy, adrenaline, and utter chaos.

Self-described as “colourful-metal” other have compared them as a mix of heavy Mr. Bungle with a touch of converge and a pissed off primus vibe. Tugnut has shared the stage with bands such as Kataklysm (Nuclear Blast Records), A Perfect Murder (Victory Records), Chore (Sonic Unyon), Ghosts of Modern Man (Smallman Records), Fuck the Facts (Relapse Records), Mico (G7 Welcoming Committee), The Wolfnote (Blackbox Recordings), GFK (G7 Welcoming Commitee),and Fordirelifesake (Forge Again Records) to name a few. With their 2005 release Golden Chopper reaching the 1000 sold mark and their second effort Ode to Pete being released June 2006, tugnut have been able to share their music to the willing and ready.

Golden Chopper 2005

1. Wilma's In The Water (3:31)
2. Johnny Winter (2:54)
3. Shakers (4:22)
4. I'm Not A Bird (4:39)
5. growdownpourtree (3:54)
6. We've All Seen The Moon Before (5:04)

http://myzuka.me/Album/494182/Tugnut-Go … opper-2005

Ode to Pete 2006

1. Ode to Pete (2:23)
2. Caine for council (2:43)
3. Fuck the fisher (2:57)
4. Snails Rocks (3:15)
5. I love Explosions (4:17)


Теги: Mathcore, Experimental, can

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Вы здесь » Форум Города N » Core » Tugnut [Mathcore, Experimental, can]

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